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Hello! We are Andy and Stacey - The Time Capsule Photo Booth Owners! We are both from Logan Utah and love where we live!

We first came across photo booth rentals at a wedding my sister attended quite a few years ago. We loved the idea of giving guests something fun to at an event.  With our engagement in February  2015, we decided it was worth while to build our own photo booth for our wedding in September. We wanted a fun wedding photo booth to provide entertainment to our guests. Our photo booth is completely our style - unique and awesome. It's sturdy, high tech, portable, and just amazing... like us! It is also perfect for any of your party photo booth needs! And we now have TWO Photo booths!

Andy built the photo booth with the help of his best friend Klay. Andy picked out the software and printer while Stacey did the computer and camera. Together we make this work.

The Time Capsule Photo Booth is an awesome way to remember and celebrate for your next event, wedding, party, birthday or more. Contact us to discuss how we can make your event awesome!

Don't miss out on Logan Utah Photo Booth Rentals with The Time Capsule Photo Booth!

Our Story